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Whangarei Roofing For Residential Properties

Every home in Whangarei deserves a high-quality roof. This crucial aspect of home improve is valuable for every homeowner, and will require an investment, which is why our team is here to provide the best service possible. 

Residential roofing systems vary widely, including materials like asphalt shingles, metal, tile, and wood, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. Our professional roofing contractors play a key role in ensuring the durability and integrity of residential roofs, safeguarding homes, and their inhabitants from the elements

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Roofing Industries Whangarei

 Do you need a roofing service in Whangarei? Do you own a property or commercial building in the region? Do not hesitate to call our team. Our team has worked for more than 15 years, serving public and private stablishments.

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Types Of Roofing Whangarei

Gable Roof: Also known as a peaked or pitched roof, the gable roof is one of the most common styles. It consists of two sloping sides that meet at a ridge, forming a triangular shape. This design allows for effective rainwater drainage.

Hip Roof: A hip roof has slopes on all four sides, and all sides come together at the top to form a ridge. This design provides stability and excellent resistance to high winds. Hip roofs are popular in areas prone to hurricanes or typhoons.

Mansard Roof: Often seen in French architecture, the mansard roof has a distinct design with a double slope on each of its four sides. The lower slope is steeper, while the upper one is shallower. This style allows for additional living space within the attic.

Flat Roof: A flat roof, as the name suggests, is nearly level with only a slight pitch for water drainage. This style is common in modern and minimalist architecture. Flat roofs often feature a membrane or sealed surface to prevent water penetration.

Skillion Roof: Also known as a shed or mono-pitched roof, the skillion roof consists of a single slope. This contemporary design is often used in modern architecture and can be seen as an extension of a larger structure or as the main roof of a smaller building. Skillion roofs offer a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.